Why You May Not Get Paid On NNU Income This Month

Even after several warning and a lot of guidance as we carry all members along via support group on Facebook, a lot of users are still adamant and they find it difficult to adhere to simple instructions, rules and terms of NNU Income Program.

This month, a lot of members might not get paid as we now payout millions of naira monthly. Due to the violation of making irrelevant comments on NNU posts. They can only get paid their referral earning commission, if they have reached the minimum threshold.

Some common irrelevant comments and inappropriate behaviour of some members are:

  • Copying part of post content and using it as comment
  • Making comments that is not correspond with the post subject matter
  • Copying someone else’s  comment and posting it as your own comment
  • Commenting a particular sentence on all post (To fast forward earning)
  • Commenting some irrelevant and short words (e.g: nice update . . . . . . . . . . .)
  • Multiple comment or double comment on a post. Some users claim its network problem while it is done on purpose. Some users split their comment in batches to make it multiple comment on a post which is irrelevant. I see no reason why someone cannot drop his or her comment at a time or edit and add more if you want.
  • Replying other people’s comment irrelevantly with a particular sentence
  • Posting comment on sponsored post multiple times without following the instruction.

I recently made a post “ An Important Letter To All Nigerian Men (A Must Read)“, Some comments on this post shows how recklessness and wicked most members are. It’s as if they were robot. Very annoying and disheartening. You need to view comment section on the post to see what i am talking about. Below are the screenshots of some of the defaulters and also left them for others to see as i replied them. Check the screenshot below and you can also check the post to see.

 A lot and some others like these but i decided to show the few ones from my recent post. Before now, we usually suspend defaulters but we have decided not to suspend anyone. So, while you have access to your account, you will be added to NNU Blacklist of people who may never get paid from our monthly revenue share unless they are able to find all their irrelevant comments and trash them.
This is why we have made comment editing and deleting option available for everyone to moderate their comment.
So, if you are one of these defaulters, you are advised to do the needful and certainly you may not get paid this month. Check your name from the compiled list on the group and start doing what is right if you are very much interested in NNU Income program.
Another reason you may not get paid is if we are unable to verify your post sharing on your Facebook timeline. You are advised to edit and provide either your Facebook profile link or exact username. Not really full name because many Facebook users bear the same name.
Finally, We paid out 1 million+ in the month of February 2018 and hopefully, millions of Naira will be shared and disbursed to NNU Income members monthly from now on.
Thanks for your cooperation and happy money making.

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409 Replies to “Why You May Not Get Paid On NNU Income This Month”

    1. Sir, I have also splitted my comment wen I joined newly, I did not know about this rules and the person that referred me did not tell me anything about it, he just said join and comment and u get paid, its recently I saw the rules and regulations so pls if I may beg, let this be a warning pls sir

    2. but mine I have tried to follow up my irrelevant posts to trash it and couldn’t find it. whats the advice could you give for such people?

  1. Well it’s very unfortunate that some of us don’t really read rule and regulations. We have to change. In NNU there’s a blacklist. I don’t even know that. But my question is, if you get a warning why would you repeat the same thing over and over?I mean you know the consequences. So pals let’s take correction.

  2. There is a wise saying that says‘a wise man is the one who follow rules,and regulation not one who obtain degree, masters or phd’. Dear nipers why do you register if you know you will abide by terms,and conditions off nnu.better change

  3. Please I am Florence 1999 .don’t blacklist me I did not knew your rule and regulation before.l just saw it now that you list my user name with blacklist people. Please once again don’t blacklist me.I wlii not do such against

    1. Just try your best and delete all the comments and send a message to support like instructed because I don’t think they will have that time to start reading all the messages to see your plead.

    2. Florence nearly broke my ribs out of laguther on her funny comments o….only u 9 different comment one one post..you need serious tutorial

  4. This would serve as a lesson to all. We need to do things rightly and carefully too. Always double check before and after posting. Please admin, temper justice with Mercy.

    1. I don’t see how that is possible I tried it intentionally and the system refused it telling me have commented on the post before till I had to change some of the sentence before it accepted the comment. So I don’t see why they will keep on saying it is network. Now look at all this their comments can you tell me any one that was caused by network? I call this pure wickedness. If you know you can’t read and comment something meaningful just login daily and share your sponsored post simple !

  5. Some of us are new here, we are still trying to to explore more and understand how things are been done here, please sir try to consider us

  6. I want to commend the management team I must say it is not really easy to control human beings even when you set the rules they will still try to break them it is not really easy running a program like this I must commend you all may the lord continue to assist you all… Amen

  7. I wonder why some people always fail to abide by rules and regulations. Thats one of the problem of this country. Some will just decide not to do the needful and right thing.

  8. some of the people are doing it intentionally just to earn money faster, they don’t care to introduce their friends inorrdrr to enjoy together.. Is is wickedness oo

  9. Well that shows that we are Nigerians that does not adhere to simple instruction, but who knows weather i have fall any of the victim

  10. I believe one thing we gain from thus platform is to build our reading culture and get informed.
    The problem with most of the defaulters of these rules of copying part of post and commenting is LAZINESS. They deserve to be punished for thus acts and injustice

  11. People and desperation to increase their monthly commission, lots of warnings has been issued in time past by admin but I hope most people learn from this. You must not get paid every month my people, make sensible comments and don’t split them just to boost your monthly payments.

  12. You’ll find out after all these explanations, warnings and measures put in place to help people correct mistakes and help them. Some people will still be adamant, and would still consciously break the rules. Hopefully, this will help treat and correct the challenge.

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