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What's The Most Bizarre Thing You Ever Did For Love?

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''A person in love is a semi mad man'' I surely agree with this word. Few months ago i fell in love with a girl which in a few days she left town, i hardly miss a day without talking to her, but one fateful day i was unable to talk to her because our line got faulty, to be precise the wire supplying our community light got detached from the high tension and i'am badly in need to talk to her. I blindly climbed a high tension i had never climbed before to fix the light so as to charge my phone to talk to her. Thank God i was not hurt. Unfortunately she and i are in loggerheads, i also get to know that the period of time that i almost killed myself for her, she had a guy she adore to a fault. Now guys drop yours lets see who is more insane in love.

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