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Russia Ukraine War

‘We Must Win This War,’



Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zelensky, has claimed that Russia is gearing up to send an additional 300,000 soldiers to the front lines in his country by early June.

Zelensky made this announcement during a press briefing in Kyiv on Wednesday.

He clarified that while Ukraine plans to mobilize troops this year, the exact number is still undetermined, and he revised previous objectives, stating, “We don’t need half a million.”

Zelensky admitted that Kyiv is aware of Russia’s plan to draft more soldiers, underscoring the importance of increased activity during May and June to advance Ukraine’s goals in the ongoing conflict.

We clearly understand what Russia is preparing for, what they want, and what they will be drafting soldiers into their army for. Russia is preparing to mobilize 300,000 additional soldiers by June 1.


“And we, all of us, our partners, must have a strong response to Russian operations— any Russian operations. We must win this war,” Zelensky said.

Recent developments revealed that Russian President Vladimir Putin authorized a spring conscription campaign, mandating 150,000 citizens to join military ranks.

Ukraine’s military intelligence recently disclosed that Russia was possibly planning to increase its mobilization endeavours following Putin’s victory in the presidential election, where he secured more than 87 percent of the votes.

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