We don’t want you, we want your father – Bobrisky Tells Paddy Adenuga

The trending topic on Social Media few days back, had folks state their standards, telling the attributes and characters of a person they cannot date.

Bobrisky Tells Paddy Adenuga

One of which Billionaire son, Paddy Adenuga revealed the type of ladies he can never be with.

Paddy says there’s no way he’d date a lady with wigs or laces. In his words; “I can’t date you if you wear wigs or lace fronts.. never! I have standards and I refuse to compromise”

Bobrisky Tells Paddy Adenuga

But then, Bobrisky has said Paddy should shift, that he is more interested in his Billionaire dad.


  1. Thomas Aluu1 month agoReply

    Stupidity in the highest way p o s s i b l e.

    • Faka Kowho1 month ago

      What ever … With men talk about this or that

  2. Igwe John1 month agoReply

    I think that Bob risky should mind his own business

  3. Muhammedsanni Ozigi Abubakar1 month agoReply

    Wonders shall never end, imagine Wat dis mumu is saying

  4. Sunday Ashonibare1 month agoReply

    Paddy made his preference known, comments on that is the opinion of the commentator (hope this is good English), it will not make him change his mind.

  5. Prisca Chinenye lhemereke1 month agoReply

    Life is a choice. Everybody have his or her preferences.

  6. Abimiku Anzaku1 month agoReply

    Why not minding his business alway want cheap in what does not concern him

  7. Ikuerowo Blessing1 month agoReply

    Bobrisky is just so senseless and stupid with all these he’s exhibiting

  8. Grace Sho1 month agoReply

    Is she (or na he) saying that Adenuga is gay?

  9. Damilola Akinwunmi1 month agoReply

    This bobrisky guy/ babe should stay quite for a month… Mehn!

  10. Suleiman Muhammad1 month agoReply

    I think that Bob risky should mind his own business

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