Watching more than four hours of TV daily raises men’s bowel cancer risk by 35%


Men prone to binge-watching their favorite TV shows may want to take note of the results of a new study. It revealed that such behavior could increase their risk of colorectal cancer.

Researchers found that men who watched TV for more than four hours per day were likelier to develop colorectal cancer over six years when compared with those who spent less time in front of the TV.

But it is not all doom and gloom; the study also found that men could lower their risk of colon cancer by increasing their physical activity levels.

Lead researcher Dr. Neil Murphy, of the International Agency for Research on Cancer in France, and colleagues recently reported their results in the British Journal of Cancer.

A wealth of research has pinpointed sedentary behavior as a major cause of health problems, and watching TV is one such behavior.

A recent study reported by Medical News Today, for example, revealed that watching too much TV could increase the risk of potentially fatal blood clots, while other research found that it may harm sleep quality.

Now, researchers claim that binge-watching TV could raise the risk of colorectal cancer — for men, at least.

Colorectal cancer, or bowel cancer, is cancer that begins in the colon or rectum. According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), there will be 97,220 new cases of colon cancer and 43,030 new cases of rectal cancer diagnosed in the United States this year.

Lack of physical activity is a known risk factor for colorectal cancer, so it will come as no surprise that watching TV for hours at a time might contribute to the disease.

Researchers suggest that eating more whole grains could protect against colorectal cancer.

“Previous research suggests that watching TV may be associated with other behaviors, such as smoking, drinking, and snacking more, and we know that these things can increase the risk of bowel cancer,” says Dr. Murphy.

“Being sedentary is also associated with weight gain and greater body fat,” he adds. “Excess body fat may influence the blood levels of hormones and other chemicals which affect the way our cells grow, and can increase bowel cancer risk.”


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  1. Cancer every where even in the food we eat cancer seem to play its role from one type of food to the other. May God help us.

  2. It looks like the world is growing up technically so also the sickness and diseases are also increase in number, I still remember in early 90s you can watch TV for 12hours nothing will happen

  3. Sitting too long pm a spot while watching TV is actually the problem here because the bowel tends to store water more this way and it gets blocked easily when one sits for long hours at a spot.

  4. Jeeez! Colorectal and Bowel cancer don’t look good to me. Imagine predicting thousands of cancer cases in America by the ACS… God is my strength. So watching TV is deadly.

  5. I think this one is for most men that clue theirself to television 247, come to think of it why would a young man seat at the front of television all day, Jobless and bad economy I quess

  6. I think all that is needed to avoid being sedentary is to add daily exercise like brisk walking to our daily activities.

  7. you guys are really wonderful you give us the latest updates from every angles of the world really appreciate hope to see more, NNU is number one

  8. No regrets joining this forum
    Apart from the money being earned per comment, you are also saving lives
    May the Lord continually lift you up

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