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US Vetoes Call For ‘Immediate Ceasefire’ In Gaza



The US has vetoed calls for immediate ceasefire in Gaza, stressing that it will jeopardise talks to end the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.

The US vetoed the resolution proposed by Algeria at the United Nations (NA) but proposed its own resolution, urging a “temporary ceasefire’’ in which it also warned Israel not to invade the city of Rafah because of the high risk of escalating the humanitarian crisis in the region.

The US has previously avoided the word “ceasefire” during UN votes on the war, but President Joe Biden has recently made similar comments.

Linda Thomas-Greenfield, Washington’s ambassador to the UN, noted that calls for immediate ceasefire cannot be realistic while negotiations between Hamas and Israel were continuing.


Considering the acute humanitarian crisis that hit the Palestinian people since the war in Gaza started after the October 7 attacks against Israel by Hamas, thirteen countries on the 15-member body backed Algeria’s resolution, while the UK abstained.

The draft resolution proposed by the US calls for a temporary ceasefire “as soon as practicable” and on the condition that all hostages are released, as well as urging barriers on aid reaching Gaza to be lifted.

There is no certainty if the Security Council will vote on the form of words proposed by Washington.

The US warning to Israel not to invade Rafah was based on the growing apprehension that more than a million displaced Palestinians, who represent about half of Gaza’s population, are crammed into Rafah after being forced to seek shelter there.

However, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has said that ground invasion is necessary to defeat the remnants of Hamas militants who fled to the region and are using the refugees as human shields.


The war in Gaza has reportedly killed about 29,000 people and injured many more, according to the Hamas-controlled Health Ministry.

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