Touching video of Pasuma fulfilling the dream of a physically-challenged child who has been dying to meet him

Remember the physically-challenged boy that recently went viral in a video in which he gave captivating rendition of different lines from the songs of the popular fuji musician, Pasuma?

Pasuma has now reached out to the boy with a promise to providing succour to the promising visually-impaired fan in many aspects of life

The fuji superstar, who recently had his 50th birthday celebration that was marked by a legion of fans in Nigeria, London and other parts of the world, stated that just as he alloted a moment to visit orphanages and gave generously to the less-privileged in the society as parts of the activities to mark his golden jubilee, he has renewed commitment to the cause of the needy as one of his resolutions in the new age.

Baasit Rahman, the visually-impaired singer, caught the attention of many Nigerians in the viral video with his enchanting voice and dexterity with the two sticks that he deployed to produced beats for the fuji songs.

Though Pasuma has not made specific revelations on what is in the kitty for Bassit, it’s been said that the physically-challenged singer is certainly set for a new life that will help unleash his potential and gurantee a better existence.

Source: Linda Ikeji’s blog


  1. Sunday Oyewole1 week agoReply

    Nice one Arabambi the second !

  2. Akinsanya Aminat1 week agoReply

    Wow, it good for him to take care of him. Nobody can say

  3. Rasheed Tunde1 week agoReply

    He should adopt him and be taking care of him,the boy can be a great FUJI singer tomorrow

  4. Ikuerowo Blessing1 week agoReply

    It good for him to take care of him. Nobody can say

  5. ANTHONY OGONYE1 week agoReply


  6. Akinsanya toyosi1 week agoReply

    nice of u sir…..

  7. Christopher Eluwa1 week agoReply

    aww that’s really nice of you

  8. Modupe Okeyode1 week agoReply

    Good one, oganla

  9. koya taiwo1 week agoReply

    I trust you pasuma wonder , may God continue to assist u

  10. Gold Sylvester1 week agoReply

    Nice! Keep living

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