Should Buhari Sack IGP for Disobeying Order to Move to Benue???

President Buhari had on January 9, ordered the Inspector General of Police to immediately move to Benue State to restore law and order and prevent further loss of lives and properties, due to attacks by herdsmen in Benue.

However, on Monday during a meeting with some stakeholders at the Government House in Makurdi, the Benue State capital said, Buhari says, he is not aware that the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Ibrahim Idris, left Benue State for Nasarawa State after he was ordered to relocate to the state.

Should Buhari fire the IGP or not???


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266 Replies to “Should Buhari Sack IGP for Disobeying Order to Move to Benue???”

  1. truth be told. Our system is not in good shape that’s why people are just doing what they like. Though we do not know reasons for his relocation to nasarawa but he has no right to disobey his oga

  2. The President should fire the IGP because of his disobedience, the President made a statement that ridiculed him in public. Saying he didn’t know that the IGP didn’t move is ridiculous.

  3. This question alone is funny… In Nigeria there is no monitoring Agency. No one knows if an order is executed or not this is why we have so many abandoned projects

  4. Every problem between bosses and subordinates cannot be resolved only by a sack. The first thing is to be forensic; find out why the order was flouted, assess it and then see if there is any merit in it before taking a decision to sack or otherwise. Though this is not holding brief for the IGP, there are a lot of troubled points in the country, so he may have gone to other areas to quell other uprising. Being forensic in resolving issues, to me, is the best way in leadership.

  5. All is politic, how can IGP disobey president? that is not true. the president want to bail himself because benue people refused to welcome him

  6. Leaders live by example, let the president himself first relocate to Benue state and see if the IGP will not join him.

  7. What is my business, they are the one creating this problem in Nigeria and they will be good to arrange it well by removing themselves

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