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 TLG Capital announces $5 million investment in Liberia swimwear manufacturing hub 



TLG Capital, an African investment firm, has announced a $5 million investment in Liberty & Justice (L&J), a swimwear manufacturing company based in Liberia.

This represents TLG Capital’s first institutional investment in L&J, underscoring its commitment to supporting African businesses that prioritize ethical practices and social impact.

Liberty & Justice, established in 2022 by Chid Liberty and Georgie Badiel Liberty, has made significant strides in the apparel industry. Chid Liberty is known for founding Liberia’s first fair-trade certified apparel factory, while Georgie Badiel Liberty is a former Miss Africa and a renowned activist.

L&J’s swimwear line, recognized for its vibrant, culturally rich designs, is currently sold in over 250 Target stores across the United States, making it the first African-manufactured apparel line featured in the retailer’s catalog.


What they are saying

The infusion of capital from TLG Capital is expected to fuel the expansion of L&J’s manufacturing capabilities, including the establishment of a new factory in Liberia.

This expansion is part of L&J’s broader mission to create meaningful employment opportunities in Africa, particularly in regions with high unemployment and poverty rates. The company currently employs 700 people in Africa, adhering to fair-trade principles and ensuring workers’ rights are protected.

Chid Liberty, CEO of L&J, expressed optimism about the partnership with TLG Capital.

“TLG understands our vision and supports our goal of showcasing African-made products on a global stage. They are the kind of partners that not only help businesses grow but also share our commitment to ethical practices,” Liberty said. He emphasized the critical need for job creation in Africa, noting the transformative potential of the apparel industry in providing economic opportunities.

Aum Thacker, an investment professional at TLG Capital, highlighted the strategic opportunity in the African market due to the retreat of multinational corporations. “This is a unique moment for local entrepreneurs who have a deep understanding of the market to make a significant impact. We are excited to support Liberty & Justice in their mission to bring African-made products to the world,” Thacker said.


TLG Capital’s investment strategy focuses on innovative private credit solutions that drive economic growth and social impact across Africa. The firm’s Africa Growth Impact Fund (AGIF) has facilitated numerous impactful investments, including initiatives to extend credit services to Nigeria’s informal sector.

The investment in L&J reflects TLG Capital’s broader strategy of leveraging local knowledge and expertise to navigate the complexities of African markets. This approach has enabled TLG to successfully invest in various sectors across the continent, contributing to sustainable economic development.

What you should know  

TLG Capital is a pioneering Pan-African investment firm specializing in innovative private credit solutions that drive economic growth and social impact.  

  • TLG has made 40 investments in more than 20 African countries in a track record spanning more than a decade. 
  • This landmark deal, facilitated by the TLG Africa Growth Impact Fund (AGIF), marks TLG Capital’s 34th investment. 

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