Tips For Managing Insomnia

Insomnia has become so popular now that most people forget it’s an abnormality. Lack of sleep tends to affect the body’s ability to function at its maximum potential and it should be dealt with as quickly as possible. Here are a few nuggets that may help with this condition.

Get Into A Routine.

Sleep experts say that when sleep is concerned, stick to a regimented routine can help people struggling with insomnia sleep better. This means that going to bed and waking up should happen at the same time each day. For example, if you lay in bed for an hour each day before sleeping, try going to bed an hour late.

Healthy Living

Eating balanced healthy meals and engaging in regular exercises make it easier fall asleep. Increased salt and sugar intake can affect the body metabolism and make sleeping harder.

Reduce Caffeine Intake

This should go without saying but do not drink caffeine or alcohol before going to bed. These drinks tend to stimulate rather than relax.

Get Off The Bed

If you’re having difficulty sleeping, instead of lying in bed, you can read a book or listen to calming music. Taking part in relaxing activities go a long way to help put the body to sleep.

Sleep In Batches

Although it is popular belief the human body should get its fair doze of uninterrupted sleep, recent research has shown that there was a time when segmented sleep was a norm. For people dealing with Insomnia, it might be difficult to try to take on the seven to eight hours at once. However, sleeping in batches might be a great way to ensure adequate rest.


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14 Replies to “Tips For Managing Insomnia”

  1. One thing I have noticed that helps your body relax enough for sleep is keeping your phone away and reducing the engagement your eyes and brain have with phone activities. This reduces brain activities and helps your body relax and get in the mood for sleep

  2. Very informative indeed, but i dont think a student is supposed to be complaining of insomnia, when sleep refuse to come just pick up your book and read. Shikena

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