Do You Think Church Worships Money This Days? Check This Out

As shared by Reno Omokri:

If missionaries who came to Africa made their schools as expensive as Church universities, many pastors would not have been educated.

Yes, a lot of enemies of Christ make such criticisms, but rejecting wisdom because it comes through an enemy is as stupid as accepting foolishness because it comes from a friend.

If a church builds a school or a university, it has a Godly moral duty to make it affordable (not free) to church members whose seed built it.

In addition to agape love, we can make money from outsiders, but we must make only agape love, not money, within the fellowship

Read Response from a fan:

Nnamdi Ikpeze

Brother Reno, I always enjoy your Nuggets. Thank you.
About your post today, I have to say that while affordable education is desirable, I know for a fact that without subsidies, running any educational institution is a very expensive enterprise. Qualitative education cannot be achieved in a cheap way. Some of the most expensive universities in Nigeria today are also ranked very high inter pares.
I am not all for affordable education, history shows that the democratization and the cheapening of education (or the cost of education) in Nigeria helped to kill education in Nigeria. So I suggest that What Nigeria needs to do is Institute a robust scholarship programme for capable students to ensure that the best brains get educated as much as possible.
Nigeria also needs to examine the system for progression to tertiary institutions, many people who have no business with higher education are somehow getting it. Imagine that JAMB placed cut-off at 120, a mere 30%.
Our people also believe that nothing is good except by comparison. Can you compare the cost of any degree or diploma at Harvard (which is a private University) with any private institution in Nigeria?
Even when religious organizations run educational institutions (as private educational institutions), they are under an obligation to run them very well and no institution can deliver qualitative education without steady funding.
So today I beg to differ.
With the information and experience available to me, It is my considered opinion that education is free in Nigeria. The colonial masters chose the best to be educated, if we choose the best today most of the people complaining about the cost of education would not even be considered for education. We should thank the religious organizations and other Private entities who intervened in the education sector for creating more opportunities for our youth and bringing sanity into the system bearing in mind that cheap educational institutions are also home to cultism, prostitution, drug addiction, se x for marks, and everything except scholarship. Thanks
Another response from another fan stated:

Odeh Kenneth Odeh

The Church worships money these days. The missionaries lived among the people. These days we fine men of God in mansions. The missionaries brought their money and gave us free education, these days they extort church members in the name of tithes and seed sowing and build schools and make them so expensive that the very tithe givers cannot afford to send their kids to same schools. It’s so sad to discover that the government schools are somehow the last hope of the common man…
Over to you Nipers, what do you think?

  1. JEREMIAH EFEKODO6 months agoReply

    that your view

  2. Godwin Okpe6 months agoReply

    I agree with the last response. They can as well borrow money from bank and run a quality university instead of milking the congregation dry only for them to be denied the privilege of sending their children to such school

  3. Martins Timilehin6 months agoReply

    No but church needs money for development

  4. GODWIN ADAWARE6 months agoReply

    that your view

  5. Blessing Olayiwola6 months agoReply

    churches need money

  6. Olayiwola Olaitan6 months agoReply

    Church is not worship money but church need money to do God Job

    • Stephen Idowu5 months ago

      Most big churchs

    • Monday ichigboja5 months ago

      tnx my brother

  7. Chinedu Remigus6 months agoReply

    I don’t think

  8. AKINSANMI AKINSANMI6 months agoReply

    Some church worship money, you must pay some due by force, while some don’t.

  9. Esther Williams6 months agoReply

    It’s humans being that are pastors and members so church needs money, but not to worshipped money.

  10. Sunday Abama6 months agoReply

    Thats what u tink..

    • Mary Bolarinwa5 months ago

      Most of them now does

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