These Photos Are A Proof That The Legendary Lion King Was Actually Based On A True Story

Everyone knows Lion King. It is an absolute classic animated film from 1994. In this article, we have compiled some real-life images which a proof that the series was based on a true story.

Check out these photos which are a proof that the legendary Lion King was actually based on a true story.

1. Simba and Timon

Simba is probably the most popular character from the Lion King. Simba’s character was inspired by character Bambi from Disney’s film Bambi and also a bit from the stories of Moses and Joseph from the Bible. Timon was popularly paired with Pumbaa. Timon is basically a meerkat who made a lot of wise and sarcastic remarks and also is known for claiming Pumbaa’s ideas as his own.

Proof Lion King True Story

2. Simba and Nala

Nala is a fictional character from the Lion King series. It is the most important female character in The Lion King. Nala can be also seen in The Lion Guard, with Gabrielle Union replacing Kelly as the voice of Nala and in the upcoming 2019 remake of the original film directed by Jon Favreau. Here is a proof of their friendship is based on a true story.

Proof Lion King True Story

3. Scar

Scar was the main villain in the series. He was the uncle of Simba and younger brother of Mufasa. He always wanted to be the king. He wanted to be the only dictator of the kingdom.

Proof Lion King True Story

4. Mufasa and Simba

Here is a proof that the characters of the father-son duo are indeed based on a true story.

Proof Lion King True Story

5. Pride Rock

Pride Rock is the most significant part of the Lion King series. It is an ancient and a huge rock located in the pride lands.

Proof Lion King True Story

6. Simba and Nala

Here is another picture of the iconic duo, Simba and Nala.

Proof Lion King True Story

7. Musafa’s ghost

Whenever Simba has an encounter with the Musafa’s ghost, a weird but enthralling cloud formation like this seen. A background music titled as the “Musafa’s Ghost” is also played in the background.

Proof Lion King True Story

8. Simba and Rafiki

Rafiki is a male baboon who serves as an advisor to the ruler of Pride Rock.

Proof Lion King True Story

9. Nala and Sarafina

Sarafina is Nala’s mother. It is believed that Sarafina killed and at the father of Banzai.

Proof Lion King True Story


10. Timon and Pumbaa

Here is another proof that shows that friendship shown in the series is not just fictitious. It is based on a true story.

Proof Lion King True Story

11. Simba and Sarabi

Proof Lion King True Story


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