These 6 Tips Will Help You Get An Ideal Job

Was Last year been hard on you? Did you get any luck on the job font yet? What could be the problem? Well, no one can say for sure that you haven’t gotten a job because of something you did or didn’t do. This is why we should be careful about our dos and don’ts in preparation for the coming year. We need to ensure that we’ve done everything humanly possible on our part to get a great job

First let’s review our resume
A few people have been using the same resume they typed about 3 years ago for all the jobs they’ve been applying for. You need to keep your resume updated keeping up with the constantly changing economic world. Sit down and look at your resume; strike out what needs to be stricken out and add what needs to be added.

Go over your skills; soft and hard skills
Each employer or recruiter has a set of skills they require for their job postings. You need to keep up with the flow. Brush your skills up and pick new skills if necessary depending on what employers need. Go over the skills you can offer an employer. Make a list of it so you know which jobs to apply for.

Create a significant online presence
It’s no news that the world has gone digital. Most recruiters go out of their way to search for their potential employee online. This is why you need to have a significant online presence. Set your Facebook and other social media pages that may contain inappropriate material or too much info about you to private. Also sign up for LinkedIn and create a detailed profile.

Don’t give up

It’s tiring submitting your CV/resume from place to place, getting your hopes up, only to have it crash down again. The experience is really daunting. However, don’t give up! Quitting is for losers. Keep going. Keep hanging on. Something will surely turn up soon.

Know what you want and go for it
It is common practice for people to apply for ‘any’ job out of desperation to get a job. Just because you need to pay bills, don’t lose sight of your career goals. Don’t just apply anywhere. Apply for jobs that tally with your skills, qualifications and goals.

Don’t forget networking;
Learn to be flexible on your job search. Job postings don’t always have to be online, you could hear about a great opportunity from relatives or other people within your network circle. Someone might even recommend you for a job opening at the company where they work or somewhere else. The truth is that with the way Nigeria is headed, it will be so much better if you can get someone on the inside of the company you’re applying at. Having someone on the insider increases your chances of getting the job. This Christmas season might be a great opportunity to network.

When these tips do work for you, as they will, don’t forget that you have a choice in this matter. Just because you’re being offered a job doesn’t mean you should jump on it. Take time to go through the offer and ensure that it suits all your needs both career wise, physically and financially. Get started now and who knows? You might be starting 2018 with a new job.

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    in life giving up is not an option,so don’t give up,keep trying and luck may come your way.

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    It is tiring at times jare

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    With All These Tips Followed Carefully You Can Get A Good Job Of Your Choice.

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