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Home » Health » Stop Cleaning Your Ear Wax – See 4 Reasons Why You Must Stop It

Stop Cleaning Your Ear Wax – See 4 Reasons Why You Must Stop It

If you are engrossed in the practice of swabbing your ears with cotton buds, it is time for you to stop. This is because it has been discovered that ear wax is good for you due to the following reasons.

However, this does not mean that people do have actual ear wax problems that need to be addressed with ear wax removal. You should not use a cotton bud.

It is not a sign of uncleanliness

Some people make more earwax, while others make less. The makeup of earwax varies depending on ethnicity, age, environment, and even diet. However, it’s not a reflection of uncleanliness; in fact, it’s a sign of normal, healthy ears.
It can result in loss of hearing

If you are an expert in ear cleaning, you may have permitted old ear wax filter into your ear canal. This can lead to ear loss or reduced hearing.

Ear wax keeps the ear healthy

Ear wax protects your ears against bacteria, fungal infections and viruses. Amazingly, it even repels insects! It also protects and lubricates the inside of the ear canal to keep it healthy.

It can lead to ear injuries

If you are not discreet about cleaning your ears and you insert just any sharp object, it can lead to serious ear injuries. And if you laggard in taking appropriate action, you are playing with ear loss.

Your ears can clean themselves

Cerumen or earwax stops dirt and dust from entering the ear canal thus preventing it from slipping deeper down where it could block your eardrum and dull your hearing. Activities such as yawning, chewing and talking moves the dirty ear wax out of the ear canal. In addition to this, ensure you take a regular shower.





    some reasons given here needs medical clearification

  3. Very good information, thanks for the update

  4. Emenajiyovwi Owin Peter

    Hmmm never knew of this. Thanks for the information

  5. Yeah stopped that a long time ago, our ears are actually Self-cleaning

  6. Wow thats good to know i thought its dirt from the ear i dont know its healthy

  7. Aondona Ayinaorga

    you have saved a soul

  8. Ear wax traps dust which if not clean periodically would lead impair hearing

  9. Well. You may not clean with cotton bud but you have to clean it Mr. Writer.

  10. I can’t till believe this, I will need medical clarification

  11. Its alright.

  12. Victoria Ogunsanya

    Nice one. Thanks for the information

  13. Errh. The most important thing is to keep the ear clean also

  14. So what do we use now?

  15. Like seriously.

  16. Knowledge is power

  17. peace-mind Emmanuel

    these facts about cleaning ear re not complete,u mustn’t clean your ear with any of the mentioned above ,but you still need to clean it.

  18. Ikuerowo Blessing

    Some reasons given here needs medical clearification

  19. Love dat

  20. Me i will keep cleaning ear wax until…..i meet a medical expert that says other wise

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