‘Someone Touched My Bums And Squeezed It In Mecca’ – Scottish Lady

A young Scottish woman who identified herself as Anggi Lagorio has shared an experience she had when she visited Islam’s holiest city of Mecca to perform Hajj.

She made the disclosure on her Twitter handle on February 6.

According to the Edinburgh resident, she was harassed by a man while she went to perform the Hajj in 2010.

She noted that another man also harassed her sister.

See tweets below:

Source — Herald


  1. Ahriken2 weeks agoReply

    They always say it’s the holiest of all Arab countries but from this testimony I doubt.

  2. Rasheed Tunde2 weeks agoReply

    This woman is an illiterate,she talks like a fool….
    Mecca is the holiest place to be doesn’t mean that it’s a sinless city menh…
    Have she ever read it or heard it anywhere that they don’t commit sin in Mecca because it’s the holiest place?
    Let me tell you, Mecca is blessed by God and it is the holiest City and will always be but that does not make it a sinless city because Mecca is not paradise.

    • Andra Adaeze2 weeks ago

      This is your opinion leave her to her opinion. You have no right to insult her. Maybe you did because your from there

    • Anonymous2 weeks ago

      Please what’s all the insult for, must u guys always take things violently, she only shared her experience and didnt insult, so you shouldn’t please

  3. Greatfreeman Daniel2 weeks agoReply

    Actually people think mecca is a holy place, it’s a normal place where there’s good and evil like every other location on earth. It’s good she spoke out

  4. Anonymous2 weeks agoReply

    Its a holy place.it’s not..there are always sinners everywhere.. So Mecca can’t be left out…

  5. Aminat Ajibola2 weeks agoReply

    What is she trying to day, the place is a holy place not the people who are there? Are there no sinners in Jerusalem

  6. Misterb2 weeks agoReply

    As long as we are in this sinful world,no place is exempted

  7. Samuel Olawale2 weeks agoReply

    That’s s bad. Mecca is a holy place and something like should not be done there

  8. Modupe Okeyode2 weeks agoReply

    It’s not all that went Hadji are holy, people are going there to mend their ways, to be for forgiveness from God. So any character can be display.

    Only God is holy, defend nobody.

  9. Nwaneke Kizito2 weeks agoReply

    I think muslims are the most holiest not knowing they can also have bad eggs amongst them.

  10. Ogunmola Kazeem2 weeks agoReply

    The bird of a feather the saying says flocks together,it must be your likes woman.

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