So Sad: This Woman And Little Girl Are Missing (Photos)

The woman and the kid

A social media user has raised an alarm about her friend’s mother and niece who are now missing.

According to the news posted on a popular online forum in Nigeria, they went missing yesterday in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

“They’ve been missing since 11th of march. They left for church and have not returned till now. They live at ikwerre road, port harcourt. We have reported to the police but no positive response ….please help us in prayers and contact 08068571601 in case you have any information. …thank you”

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56 Replies to “So Sad: This Woman And Little Girl Are Missing (Photos)”

  1. They shall return safely… In fact God will bless them like Joseph that they will come back home with inheritance

  2. Oh eyaa..when will odd things cease to happen in this country,anyway our hearts go out to their families and we all hope and pray that they would be found both alife and unharmed.

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