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"She Doesn't Want To Apologize: Should I Forgive Her?"

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Having fixed their marriage date, she met me, and we fell in love. We were long lost friends. She then told me she would not continue with the marriage plan. Please, understand that I'm not rich o. But the way she fell looks as if magic is involved. I didn't know how to advise her and I told her to do whatever pleases her. She ended up shattering the man's heart in a commando-like manner. Note that we were not dating when we were just friends in those days. Now that we started dating, I've been showing her some flaws where she needs to adjust if not totally eradicated. Then she did something and I said, "If you continue this way, I can promise you that we won't end up getting married to each other." Her response: I shattered someone's heart because of you and you caused the cancelation of the forthcoming marriage and you're saying you may not marry me abi?" Note that I love her so much, but as a rule, men with balls "no send", and I may choose to hurt her. I told her to apologize for that statement but she refused. Of all the sins in this world, blackmail is the only one not forgivable by me. Should I do my worst if she refuses to apologize?

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