Shameless Slay Queen Shows Off How She & Her Friends Defeated Her Lecturers During Exams

A female student identified as Chika Queen has taken to Facebook to show off how she and her friends were able to defeat their lecturers in the exam hall because they wrote answers on no-go areas of their body.

On her Facebook page she simply says they were only revising for exams by writing down ‘reminders’ on their laps. She is in one of the Universities currently taking exams. Na wa o!


  1. Ikenna Amadi2 weeks agoReply

    This is ch**ting and she is really proud of an exam malpractice

  2. Sylvanus Nwachukwu2 weeks agoReply

    It is not a good behavior. What makes them students.

  3. Samuel Olawale2 weeks agoReply

    Look at them. If I were to be the lecturer, I don’t want to know that it’s a no-go area, I have to check it if I’m convinced to

  4. Uneneze Daniel2 weeks agoReply

    hmm..but why displaying it to the public. this is cheating and examination malpractice. just pray you dnt get cut

  5. Ubnation2 weeks agoReply

    How long will you do this? Is not funny per say

  6. kelechi dara2 weeks agoReply

    I think people like this should be fished out where ever they are and dealt with seriously

  7. Sobomabo whyte2 weeks agoReply

    I just wonder what she will bring to the labour market if she starts cheating in exams and be proud of it

  8. Lilian Ugoji2 weeks agoReply

    They are even cheating themselves by doing that because it will surely make them to read their books and one day they will be napped and punished

  9. petra12062 weeks agoReply

    Proudly showing off what is wrong. Morals missing in society

  10. favour ayemhoba2 weeks agoReply

    When people openly celebrate cheating. How far can you go when you cheat?

    • Samuel Woniowei2 weeks ago

      Me I just wonder o. It’s no longer something to be ashamed od

    • Samuel Woniowei2 weeks ago

      Me I just wonder o. It’s no longer something to be ashamed of

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