See What Some Nigerians Are Saying About The Release Of 82 Chibok Girls

I wrote a post about this purported capture and release of Chibok schoolgirls yesterday and many people were criticizing me, saying that my cynical approach to things is not good and is not patriotic. I told them they only way to be patriotic to a government is to criticize what you think is not right.

I had reasons to believe that Chibok school girls might be a myth that we will all here how it went down as the time goes on and suffice to say, is not only me that echoed this sentiments. Host of Nigeria, I mean 1000’s of Nigerians believe this is the deception of the century. I mean most of them thinks that the government knows were this girls are all along.

See what Nigerians on twitter thinks about the release of Chibok schoolgirls…

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  1. author

    Williams...7 months agoReply

    Prison Break in reverse…

  2. author

    Emioge Oghenethoja4 months agoReply

    Even Me, I’M Beginning To Think The Government Knows Their WhereAbout

  3. author

    Awurum Clifford3 months agoReply

    I don’t blame them, this issue has persisted for far too long, everyone has just had it

  4. author

    john victor3 months agoReply

    To think is not illegal

  5. author

    Ndifreke Udo3 months agoReply

    To think is not illegal

  6. author

    Timilehin Emmanuel2 months agoReply

    so happy for them

  7. author

    Ibrahim Akinniyi1 month agoReply

    I don’t trust them too

  8. author

    Uwem Bassey1 month agoReply

    this ladies have been through alot

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