See Man’s Reaction After Being Told That An Evil Substance Is Buried At His Place Of Work

A Nigerian man Emeka Nobis (pictured below) has shared the messages he received from a supposed pastor on Facebook. According to the screenshots which was posted online, the pastor told the young man that he’s destined for great things after a seal at his place of work is broken.

The pastor continued by telling him that there is something buried at the entrance of his place of work by his enemy which he has already broken spiritually.

The man who knew where the message was already going to – attacked the supposed pastor with series of questions before shutting him down.


  1. Myke2 weeks agoReply

    the man wanted to play a smart one on him

    • Julius gbemiga adepoju6 days ago

      Good reply to the fake man of God. By their fruit u shall know them. They are everywhere deceiving people under the name of Jesus. The end of the world is already near.

  2. Amakaeliora2 weeks agoReply

    There are a lot of fake pastors out there seeking who to defraud

  3. Sunday Evweikama2 weeks agoReply

    I love the action if not the so call will have play him

  4. mgbebu2 weeks agoReply

    Nigerian pastor with their trick to make money, but he meet a smart fellow

  5. Ajibola Durodola2 weeks agoReply

    There are many of them on social media, this is their normal trick

  6. Adegbite Segun2 weeks agoReply

    the guy wanted to play smart on an already smart guy, he got him

  7. Oluwafemi Ayokanmbi2 weeks agoReply

    Lol, these scams out there got no joy, he was lucky to have been smarter! Good thing

  8. Adam Johnmatthew2 weeks agoReply

    funny it’s really. lol Nigerians are stubborn and don’t even care. ..but the man seems to be smart out there

  9. Faith Ema2 weeks agoReply

    So people now use social media to play spiritual jokes..

  10. Sesugh Jabi2 weeks agoReply

    Nigerian pastor with their trick to make money, but he meet a smart fellow

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