Respect Obasanjo – Timi Dakolo tells critics

Nigerian Singer, Timi Dakolo has cautioned Nigerians to respect Obasanjo and desist from insulting him.

This follows reactions that trailed an image ‘The Voice Coach’ posted on his instagram page @timidakolo with Obasanjo on a plane from South Africa.

Obasanjo was, however, criticized for wearing his seat belt wrongly.

Here are the comments: @chilly1990, “why is baba OBJ hanging seat belt around his neck like that?

@mi_dah “I thought baba was committing suicide with the seat belt

@beev_adi “Na neck baba dey wear his own seat belt?

@ameh.o “Why will you not shine teeth when you’re flying with grandfather of corruption.

In reaction, Timi said, “My people, that’s how the seat belts are

“I wore mine same way.

“Respect your elders. Thank You.”

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  1. author

    Nnakwu Prince2 months agoReply

    Even if they insult him from now to eternity they’re losing

  2. author

    Sunday Abama2 months agoReply

    Nice one dokoro

  3. author

    Wonderful Archibong2 months agoReply

    please respect your leaders, it not easy to be there

  4. author

    Ikuerowo Blessing2 months agoReply

    Nigerians can’t do without insulting… They should just let this old man be oh

  5. author

    Ajayi Kayode2 months agoReply

    Leave baba ooo and respect elders

  6. author

    Godwin Gabriel2 months agoReply

    Nigerians can’t mind their business

  7. author

    Adegbite Segun2 months agoReply

    no one like Obasanjo

  8. author

    Samuel IbeOjo Okoh2 months agoReply

    insulting is not a solution

  9. author

    Augustine Chikwadon2 months agoReply

    Respect ur leader.

  10. author

    Adekola Folakemi2 months agoReply

    Is good to respect leaders

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