Reckless driver crushes 5-year-old girl to death in Lagos

A reckless driver on Sunday crushed a 5-year old to death at Shobowale street, Keke-Agege, Lagos. The driver was behind the wheels of a Danfo bus.

Reports have it that such accident won’t be the first on that road as drivers are known to always drive recklessly there.


  1. Abidemi Arogundade2 weeks agoReply

    This is a serious case that the police must forward to the court of law to decide his fate

  2. Amaka Olaya2 weeks agoReply

    kai, nawa ooo on a street not even on an express road. God please save your children.

  3. Samuel DANISON2 weeks agoReply

    If this is always recurring in that area, couldn’t the government find a way of controlling its reoccurrence?

  4. Nwaneke Kizito2 weeks agoReply

    Hmmm.Some drivers use to forget that they are human beings or that they can die while on stireling..God help us.

  5. FAITH ADJOBOEFE2 weeks agoReply

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  6. Oyedun Oyebola2 weeks agoReply

    this is very bad of the driver I think he must be killed o, this is bad

  7. IJEOMA OHIA2 weeks agoReply

    With all the safety talk some drivers will not learn

  8. nathaniel2 weeks agoReply

    may her soul rest in peace but the drivers should be checked at their park for drinking before the leave there park.

  9. Baaki Terlumun Fidelis2 weeks agoReply

    Every day comes with news that can inform humanity about happenings around the world

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