Read What A Husband Told His Wife The Night Of Their Marriage / Wedding

My wife, everyone has gone home. The music is quiet, the celebration is over. Our wedding was beautiful but it is now in the past. We have finished the wedding/marriage, it is now time to build our marriage. All that is left now is the two of us… What we will become tomorrow, starts from tonight. Our life is no longer the same.

There was a day you put on one red dress… You looked so beautiful in it. That Day I wanted to just touch you! We were in the Cinema and I was so tempted. I wanted to just take you inside the toilet and kiss you but I couldn’t. Guess what? Now I have you forever, I can do that everyday.

Before I take off your cloth and make love to you… let me tell you few things.
I have nothing to hide from you from this day. My phone, you can use it like your own. You can access my facebook, my twitter and my Instagram

From today, I have become a child. For the past five years of my life, I have been a man. I wake myself up in the morning, sometimes I go to bed hungry, I do things the way I want to. I come home whenever I want to but all that ends today. From today you become my mother, who will scold me when I come home late, a mother who will wake me up at six to go work, a mother who will ensure I don’t sleep hungry. I am glad I have a mother in you.
I hope you will be a good mother? Don’t be too harsh and I promise I won’t be too stubborn. Sometimes I will give you headache but I promise, I will also be the cure of every headache.

When my parents died, I looked after my brothers and sisters. I was like a father to them. So i will not have problem being a father to you.

Hope all men wil be as nice as dis. Let treat women like how it was ordained by God. Women are precious, they are of immeasurable value

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  1. author

    Blessing Olayiwola4 months agoReply

    nice one

    • author

      Anonymous3 months ago

      Am in love with d statement

  2. author

    Blessing Olayiwola4 months agoReply

    good one

  3. author

    Happiness Ugochi4 months agoReply

    Wow! that’s great. How I wish all men are like this.

  4. author

    darita french4 months agoReply

    Wish most men can undstnd it like this. Very cool

  5. author

    Sobomabo whyte4 months agoReply

    Good one

  6. author

    Linda Okoye4 months agoReply

    Wow so fascinating

  7. author

    Akpan Umoetuk4 months agoReply

    I love this very well

  8. author

    olufemi Taiwo4 months agoReply

    Happy to read and learn More, sincerely marriage is a schools you get certificate but later learn more and unending..

  9. author

    Ukeme Udoaka4 months agoReply

    i love this talk so much

  10. author

    Olotu Tope4 months agoReply

    Na soo

    • author

      Ogunnaike Adeola1 week ago

      Hmmmm….. lovely

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