Raunchy Facebook Chats Of Man With 11-Year-Old Girl Go Viral (Photos)

A father has advised all parents to always “Check their kids’ phones” The dad advices as he explains how he recently outs a paedophile trying to lure his 11-year-old daughter on Facebook into s3x by initiating a s3x chat with her despite knowing the daughter’s age.The chat has now gone viral.


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  1. author

    Blessing Olayiwola3 months agoReply

    this is very soon

  2. author

    Blessing Olayiwola3 months agoReply

    this is very serious

  3. author

    JEREMIAH EFEKODO3 months agoReply

    that’s sex assult

  4. author

    Obalakun Rokeeb3 months agoReply

    Child abuse

  5. author

    Amara Chinaka3 months agoReply

    The guy must be crazy

  6. author

    Stephen Idowu3 months agoReply

    This guy is stupid

  7. author

    Israel Okereke3 months agoReply

    Parents should learn to educate their kids on sex so to avoid them been educated by strangers

  8. author

    ogochukwu blessing3 months agoReply

    Shameless men

  9. author

    Anonymous3 months agoReply

    What a child abuse

  10. author

    babatunde Ojelabi3 months agoReply

    children are to be guided…………..

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