Presidency reacts to IGP Idris’ alleged disobedience to Buhari’s order

Presidential spokesperson, Femi Adesina, has said that it remains an allegation that the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, failed to heed President Muhammadu Buhari’s directive to relocate to Benue.

The IGP was ordered by President Buhari to relocate to Benue shortly after the January killings in the state.

But the IGP was said to have spent less than a day in the state before moving to Nasarawa.

During a visit to Benue on Monday, the president said he was unaware the IGP failed to heed his order. 

Reacting to the development and the criticism that trailed the president’s comment, the presidential spokesman said the alleged disobedience is yet to be confirmed.

“They were in the realm of allegations until the key stakeholders mentioned it yesterday. They were just allegations as far as I’m concerned,” he said on a Channels Television programme, Sunrise Daily, on Tuesday.

“Even now, they are still in the realm of allegations until we hear from the IGP.”

Speaking further on the matter, he said: “It’s in the public domain that he went from Benue to Nasarawa but nobody knew that he did not spend a night in Benue.

“I’m aware of it but I did not know the length of time he stayed in Benue before moving to Nasarawa.

“The president may not know everything. He didn’t know that the IGP allegedly left Benue after one day but he got to know yesterday. So there are some things you can’t hide forever. So yes, the president may not know everything.”


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14 Replies to “Presidency reacts to IGP Idris’ alleged disobedience to Buhari’s order”

  1. This is how most government officials do always do unless there is someone to check on they do whatever they want at work
    .I think he should be punish

  2. I guess the inspector general of police ran for his dear life, i don’t blame him, he has a family that still depend on him. But nevertheless, he should have atleast obeyed the president order because it is their job to protest lives.

  3. What is wrong with the presidential spokesman, why can’t he call a spade a spade. The system is sick,a whole president gives an order and it is not followed promptly.

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