"You don't need a boyfriend if you're not getting married soon" - Twitter user

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A Twitter user @ ereluchocolate has gotten mouths of Nigerians wagging after she said it is totally unnecessary to have a boyfriend especially if you're not getting married soonest

See her tweet below:

[email protected]

Boyfriend is very unnecessary if you're not getting married soon and dating is an extreme unnecessary sport that no one should be pressured into

IG: [email protected]_i

Replying to @Tomiii_i

29. Something you wish you learnt earlier?


9:32 PM - Jun 9, 2019

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Now, this is what Nigerians are saying:

[email protected]_kahnnn

Replying to @EreluChocolate

Well it's not totally unnecessary. Dating teaches you alot about life, human behaviour, interaction etc. With enough experience from dating you could then choose a suitable partner


9:52 PM - Jun 9, 2019

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[email protected]

Replying to @Kotal_kahnnn @EreluChocolate

My man platonic friendship also teaches you all that. You'll be surprised how many people have read this post and realised she's actually right.


11:23 PM - Jun 9, 2019

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D ∆ ® K |\| 3 [email protected]__ique

Replying to @EreluChocolate @phlaw_

You learn wrong. Whether or not you're getting married soon, dating is very necessary. Its how you prepare for marriage. It teaches you, thru both good and bad times.


11:28 AM - Jun 10, 2019

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