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Celebrity, businessman, or fan, everyone has had their own choice of artiste that totally made them never winced and wished they could have an affiliation or smooth and better relationship with.

Over the past decade, entertainment sectors have gained everyone’s attention and it all depends on their perception on the industry.

Some people who are into other businesses are now bulging into entertainment as side hustle and some.

There is actually more to being an artiste tho. Your skills, experience, consistence, versatility, flexibility, uniqueness and every other personal attributes you posses says a whole lot about you and those are some of the things that will determine how long you can be relevant in the industry.

Inability to give a good and worthy follow up on your career might hinder your success. Hence there are some people who just want to be sponsors and some wants to manage artistes.

Some people wants fame and can pay any amount of money to get it.

Guys, lets imagine you have enough money and you want to invest in the music industry. You have Davido and Wizkid who are not under any record label and with all their recent works.

Wizkid or Davido, Who Would You Choose To Help You Grow Your Record Label?

Who Do You Think Is Capable Of Moving Your Record Label To The Top List?

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