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Why Do Parents Shave Their Baby's First Hair?

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Yesterday I engaged in an argument with my elder sister as to why she shouldn't shave her new born baby girl's hair. The discussion about shaving my elder sister's baby’s hair continued on for a few more minutes, mum came back from office, and I breathed a sigh of relief as the said topic was diverted to something else. I was especially glad that I didn’t have to stand there anymore, uncomfortably, and explain why the baby's hair shouldn't be shaved, despite it being religiously or culturally obligatory, without having to hurt this really nice woman’s feelings. Hence I could perceive my mum's support on baby head shaving. I mean, I’d just didn’t want to come off too headstrong over something that they clearly had very strong sentiments over. And that’s fine. Everyone is entitled to their own actions and preferences. I just choose not to go with the cultural/religious norm of shaving a baby’s head and I will explain why as this post progresses. It appears that in numerous cultures (and religions) around the world, head-shaving of newborn babies is quite common; from China to India (and the surrounding South-and Central-Asian countries) to Mongolia to Africa. And while in some parts of the world, especially in Muslim-majority ones, shaving of a baby’s head is Sunnah, in other places it is culturally practiced and even seen as a rite of passage. Nevertheless, the reason I never encouraged shaving a new born baby’s head was because, firstly, for me, it held no significance. None, whatsoever. And secondly, a baby is born with a crown full of beautiful, very silky, thick jet black hair. Why should people allow their baby's beautiful hair to be shaved for some nasty beliefs? (See picture below.) One of the myths and legends of baby head shaving is that if you do not shave the hair and the baby happens to grow up, it my attract MAMMY WATER to her. What a scrap? What will happen if you allow your baby to grow up without her hair been shaved? Any medical implications? Matured opinions please.....[/b]

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