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"Why Do Old Single Ladies Misbehave When They See Younger Guys?"

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There's this lady i met sometime last year. She would be like in her late 30s or early 40s while i am in my late 20s. Just because i was always talking to her then, she started forming love for me. The truth is that i just enjoyed her company because she is this kind of jovial person, but I am not attracted to her. Besides, the age gap is so wide that i cannot have anything with her. Had it been i am attracted to her, i would have considered maybe a fling with her but the attraction is not just there and i am this kind of guy that doesn't get even an erection if i am not attracted to a lady. Now, she sends me flowers and love messages every morning. I have been ignoring the messages hoping that she would understand the fact that I am not into her but she keeps sending them. Please ladies, if you need a man make sure you get one on time before you join the league of desperadoes. Guys generally date and marry down. I can only marry a lady who is at least 5years younger, not an older lady. Please, how else should i make that lady understand that i am not into her?

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