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"Who Should We Obey In This Case, The Landlord Or The Wife?"

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Pls Lawyers in the house I need your advice here. Our Landlord and the wife have been fighting for whose account the tenancy fees should be paid into. We paid the initial money to the landlord and packed in, our first tenancy renewal was also paid to the landlord but now, the wife came up with an order that no tenant should pay into the landlord's account again, she warned us seriously that every payment should be made into her personal account which she sent to every tenant. The landlord in the other hand is also threatening us not listen to his wife unless we want to pay double. One of the tenants that paid into the landlord's account has been asked to vacate his apartment by the Landlady. Both the Landlord and his wife are claiming ownership of the house but some elders around told us that the house belongs to the Landlady. Right now we're confused on what to do. Pls I need matured contribution(s) thank you.

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