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When The Nigeria Gender Equality Bill Is Finally Passed Into Law

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Simply put,gender equality is not about putting both sexes on the same level biologically or on the basis of physical strength or religion doctrines but it is achieved when women and men enjoy the same rights and opportunities across all sectors of life and needs of women and men are equally valued and favored.

The first bill on gender equality in Nigeria was thrown out by the Senate due to some clauses in the contents which they saw as too demanding.

But a new modified bill sponsored by Senator ‘Biodun Olujinmi (Ekiti South),has scaled through the second reading and according to section 4 of the new bill,it prohibits all forms of discrimination against any person on account of gender, age and disability through spoken words, acts, rules, customs and practices by any person or institution in Nigeria.

So in my opinion,judging from the real essence of gender equality and the section 4 of the modified bill,I'm persuaded that it will be a great victory not for just the Nigerian women but for all men in Nigeria if this bill is passed into law and i implore all Nigerian men to rally round this bill for the following reasons...

1.In the aspect of romance:

As a lady,how scintillating will it be if you no longer have to wish and hope that the cute guy you saw at the mall walks up to you when you can simply make the move without any psychological or cultural restraint.

Since the bill will automatically remove any cultural,traditional beliefs and customs segregating the sexes, this simply means Nigerian women can confidently and boldly walk up to a man and woo him decisively without shame or any form of stigmatization.Ladies can now go on their knees and propose marriage to guys and in fact pay the groom price and organize the wedding party with little or no contribution from the man and ofcourse polyandry will be official. Yes few ladies are already doing this in discreet but the bill will make it official hence remove any form of restraint.

2.In the area of finance:

I guess men will find great succor in this area as we can gladly switch places with the ladies without any shame.

Will it not be nice if we guys start using the same criteria ladies use to be with us? I can now openly say "I would like to be with a beautiful,God fearing, financially stable lady who can take care of me and ofcourse switching places mean the man will be ready to do all a woman does in the affair like washing of her cloths,that of the children,be a sit at home dad and practically does all the domestic stuffs while the woman is saddled with the responsibility of Children school fees,House rents,Electricity bills,Medical bills.Generator fuel & repairs,Car fuel and repairs
Feeding of family,Clothes for children,Xmas and New year bills,Furniture &House maintenance,In-laws wahala/demand,Her own aged parents,
Your siblings also,Your financial demands,Vigilante bills,Erecting Building,Religious demands,Family social bills,Electronics bills,Recharge cards
Extended family bills,Community demands and so on...

Let's face it,whatever a man can do i guess a lady can do better so there is no big deal here and not every man will have good money no matter how smart or hard working the man can be....the world is just unfair to some people so this will be a good one for such men.

3.In the Labour sector:

I think it is quite awkward to hear that some jobs are meant for guys or recent times there have been a wide shift of male folks indulging in careers that are previously tagged "female career" and these guys doing these jobs still feel a form of emotional and psychological restraints but with gender equality in place,guys can now boldly and officially get involved in jobs that are believed to be feminine in nature hence create a better work force which will improve the GDP of the country.

4.In the area of child inheritance:

Do you know that in Nigeria today,we still have some tribes who do not consider the girl child as an heir apparent to any property owned by the father? worse still if a man dies and leaves a wife with only daughters,none of these people will have a good share if any at all of the diseased property. .how insane.

I'm sure no man would like this to happen to his family if he dies so I believe if Nigerian men encourage this bill,it will eliminate this cruel tradition from the affected tribes and will give the girl child ample right to inherit her father's life material achievements.

5.Better opportunity for the girl child:

Just take a stroll to most markets and ask the beautiful smart female drop outs why they are not in school and you are sure to hear funny responses like "my papa sey I be girl so e no go waste money send me go school sey nah inside my husband kitchen I go still end" how sad and grossly unfair....

Many brilliant young girls destiny have been distorted by uncaring parents who still believe that a woman's place is in the kitchen and the other room but if we men can support this bill,it will give that village girl the right to education and it will become a crime for any parent to prevent any girl child her right to her desired educational level.

6.Prevention of juvenile marriage and sexual abuse:

Do you know that some tribes in Nigeria marry off a girl as young as 10 to 13 years of age? crazy innit!

Unfortunately this happens on a regular basis and many young girls have died due to Vesicovaginal fistula, or VVF which is often caused by violent penetration of the female core or by childbirth in which case it is known as an obstetric fistula. This is prevalent among young girls who go through prolong labor and as a result of the underdeveloped pelvic region,a prolonged labor presses the unborn child tightly against the fragile pelvis which cuts off blood flow to the vesicovaginal wall and the affected tissue may necrotize (die), leaving a hole.This usually degenerates and lead to death of the innocent girl and this tribe usually tagged such death as an act of myopic and gross!

As a man who will likely grow up to have a daughter,just close your eyes for few moments and imagine your daughter going through this..."did I hear you say GOD FORBID"?

The good news is that we can prevent this if we all join hands together to support this bill into law.

I hope these make sense.


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