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What's The Craziest Thing Someone Has Ever Done For You Out Of Love?

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Yea, we all love to be spoilt by boo, however, there are somethings they do that we consider outrightly ridiculous. Lemme start by sharing mine. During my teenage days, I once had this pretty girlfriend whom loved me(to a fault if I may add). We met on 2go grin grin and we exchanged numbers, and the rest they say Is history. After talking for a month or there about, we finally decided to meet at the Christ the king cathedral Aba. On that day, she got there before me cos of traffic jam. I told her to wait for 5 mins; she did wait, but 5 mins turned 10,15 etc. When I finally got to ckc, there was pandemonium. I saw her standing few meters away from 2nd gate and I rushed to met her. I apologized to her; i asked her what's going on and she explained to me that armed robbers robbed a shop and started shooting sporadically. I was shocked. I asked where she hid and she said she didn't move an inch cos she didn't want me to have a hard time finding her. I was flabbergasted. I asked her what if she got hit by a stray bullet, and she said that she didn't mind, as long as she met with me. Guys, over to you

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