Whats is your take on Senate Bill proposing death sentence for hate speech

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Herdsman are murdering thousands in their homes daily and our national coffers are being looted daily, yet the National Assembly,NASS, sees no need for death sentence for such. I continue to wonder if there is anything like hate speech in our laws apart from defamation. Ms. Regina Osakwe,

It will deprive Nigerians the opportunity to criticize and actively engage the government. Criminalising hate speech while treating looters of our treasury with kids gloves amounts to irresponsibility and an abuse of power. The people should be allowed to exercise their rights as enshrined in the constitution.
Adeola Aderibigbe

Hate speech is a very broad issue because it must be defined properly. If the law is evenly applied then it may be good. Unfortunately, just like many cases in this country, there will be selective justice. Any law passed by the National Assembly that violates the provisions of the Constitution shall not stand.
Mr. Samfaga Effiong, Student

I do not support the anti-hate speech Bill which proposeddeath sentence for offenders. It is extremely harsh and rigid. My advice is that the Bill be suspended or the President should refuse to sign it.
Lady Vickie Onyekuru, Maternal/Child Health Advocate

Does it have consti-tutional backing? No right thinking representative of the people will support the anti-hate speech bill currently before the National Assembly, especially the punishment proposed for offenders. Stipulating capital punishment for hate speech is extremely harsh. Mr. Achuba Best,

Have they arrested some leaders who made many implicating statements, calling for violence, revenge and even admitting hiring foreign terrorists to protect, promote and defend their cattle rearing business? This Senate left burning issues to focus on a totally different matter that is not affecting Nigerians.

Mr. Babatunde Owolabi, Curator


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