What Is Wrong With S3x After Traditional Marriage?

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I'm just confused. is there anything wrong in having s3x after traditional marriage? The weird thing is some people especially ladies usually say stuffs like; wait till after wedding, honeymoon. so is the traditional marriage not a marriage? if you think it's useless why did you agree to traditional marriage in the first place? After spending a lot of money in paying for bride price and the marriage ,you still refuse to have s3x. If you were to be in that man's shoes, won't you leave? Some ladies also forget that wedding is supposed to be footed by the parents of the bride, when Africans want to copy things they only copy the part they think is favourable to them and leave the other part. Just as the wedding system was copied, in the countries it was copied from the parents of the bride foot the wedding but in Africa the man is expected to foot the traditional marriage and the wedding, isn't that insane? to my question; what's Wrong with s3x after traditional marriage??

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