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What Is Wrong With Corruption? - Ofotokun

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In furtherance of our discussion on above subject matter from my explosive & mind boggling book, “The NeXt FacToR” let’s examine d following :

On December 12,1959,parliamentary elections were held in Nigeria in preparation for independence in which d Northern Peoples Congress (NPC ) won 134 of d 312 seats in d House of Representatives. Through constitutions that were legislated by Britain, Nigeria eventually gained its independence on October 1st in 1960. D new constitution established a federal government system with a Prime Minister & a ceremonial Head of State. Nigeria became a republic in October of 1963 with Nnamdi Azikiwe as d 1st president. When all of these were happening, little did anyone know that Nigeria was 2 experience its 1st military putsch six years later.

Precisely on January 15,1966,five majors in d Nigerian army,led by Major Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu executed what has come 2 be known as d bloodiest coup d’etat in Nigerian history. 11 senior political juggernauts were brutally assassinated in that coup. The question now is why did that coup d ‘etat happen? Nzeogwu himself answered that question in a broadcast 2 d nation on radio Nigeria Kaduna on that faithful day. For d purpose of this write up, I have extracted relevant sections of d broadcast below.

“In the name of the Supreme Council of the revolution of the Nigerian Armed Forces, I declare martial law over the Northern Provinces of Nigeria. The constitution is suspended & the regional government & elected assemblies are hereby dissolved. All political, cultural, tribal & trade union activities, together with all demonstrations & unauthorized gatherings, excluding religious worship are banned until further notice. The aim of the Revolutionary Council is to establish a strong united & prosperous nation, free from corruption & natural strife….”

“Our enemies are political profiteers, d swindlers, d men in high & low places that seek bribe & demand 10 per cent ,those that seek to keep the country divided permanently so that they can remain in office as ministers or VIPs at least, d tribalist, d nepotists, those that make d country look big for nothing before international circles, those that have corrupted our society and put d Nigerian political calendar back by their words & deeds… ”

“I leave u with a message of good wishes & ask for your support at all times, so that our land, watered by d Niger & Benue between d sandy waters & gulf of Guinea washed in salt by d mighty Atlantic shall not detract Nigeria from gaining sway in any great aspect of international endeavour. My dear countrymen, this is d end of this speech. ”

D coup which altered d political history of Nigeria failed & Nzeogwu escaped to Lagos. He was arrested three days later & incarcerated at d notorious Kirikiri maximum security prison in Lagos by Lt. Col. Aguiyi Ironsi who took advantage of d situation to annex power unto himself. Nzeogwu was later transferred to Aba prison but d point I am making here is that corruption became a Goliath to Nigeria beginning from d 1st republic.

Nigeria is right now in dire need of a David & that David could be you. For according to Olusegun Obasanjo d best president Nigeria has ever produced, anybody, just anybody could become d Nigerian president. Why do I say Obasanjo is d best Nigerian president so far? Why did PMB cry after d 2011 election & what is really wrong with corruption? Find out in d next chapter of “The NeXt FaCtoR. ”


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