What Is The Best Movie You Watched In 2018?

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Hello guys! We have just 2 days left in the year 2018 and I know the year was awesome especially for movie freaks like myself.

I am here to ask what was the best movie you watched in 2018. Mine is a tie between Acrimony and Breaking In.

Acrimony was just brilliant, it’s one of the most sensational movies this year. It just leaves you stuck in them. You feel pity and annoyance simultaneously. *Hats off*

Breaking In, is an amazing thriller, and despite having surprisingly low ratings in popular movie review sites, I absolutely loved it. Gabrielle Union, the lead actress, just wins your heart with her toughness and grit and strength and will. She was a SUPER woman.

What Is The Best Movie You Watched In 2018?

Okay, Tell Me Yours.You Could Add A Little Synopsis Or Review.

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