Vector Replies M.I With Uncomfortable Facts In "Judas The Rat" Diss Track

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Unlike his two previous diss tracks “The Purge” and “Tetracycling“, Vector takes a different approach in his reply to M.I’s “The Viper” – “Judas The Rat” is filled with “uncomfortable facts”.

Vector raised a number of issues in “Judas The Rat”:

Jesse Jagz:

This is the biggest blow in the “Judas The Rat”. Vector raises questions about Jesse Jagz shocking exit from Chocolate City in 2012:

“Jesse Jagz you’re my buddy but I couldn’t do this in a hurry, but the truth about your brother has been blurry.”

“You called yourself a teacher but your students failed in real life. Your brother was such a gift but you rapped away from the light.”

“You claimed helping people who are struggling to make it, hmm, well Jesse is struggling to make it”

“The last I checked Jesse was in a Choc Boy mansion, but since your big brother evicting him is part of the game”

Supporting up-and-coming rappers:

Vector raises doubt about M.I’s claim of supporting a number of rappers in the industry.

“Who are the rappers that I put on? Many more plus two out of your three. And I didn’t sign anything, I did it all for free.”

Vector had previously worked with AQ and Blaqbonez. Vector featured AQ, Terry Tha Rapman and X.O. Senavoe on the 2011 song, “Ginja”. In 2012, Vector and AQ collaborated on “Distractions” a diss track aimed at Reminisce.

Blaqbonez emerged the 1st runner-up in Vector’s king kong competition and also became the Hennessy Vs class captain.

Listen to “Judas The Rat”:


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