VANDORA - "My Boyfriend Must Take Permission From Me Before Having Sex"

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Vandora from BBNaija's 2018 season has opened up on intimate details about her sexual life.

Vandora in a one on one interview with Punch newspaper, revealed that her boyfriend must always ask her permission before they can actually have sex.

This is coming just after she revealed during the BBNaija reality show that her ex-boyfriend raped her for a very long time while they dated without her knowledge.

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According to Vandora, her ex boyfriend would rape continuosly in her sleep, a thing she says is rape as he never for once got her consent before having sex with her.

Just days before, Vandora’s new man had taken to social media to gush about her saying;

Love aside, this woman by my side has been my best best-friend. I remember when we got talking, we went from talking for 1 minute to 1 hour and we could do 24 hours if given the chance. You’re one of the smartest persons I know (for some reason, you don’t show it off enough ).

Back to the love part, you have a heart of gold. I thought I knew what love was before I met you but you helped redefine and upgrade it. I’ve never felt this much love and it still seems unreal. We’ve had our ups and downs which is normal but we find a way back. I strive to be the best man I can be to you because you deserve nothing less. @vandora_vandora With love from cruz

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