Does He Truly Love Me ? I Am A 24-Year Old Girl Who’S Dating A Divorcee That Prevents Me From Touching His Phone

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Pls am a 24year old lady dating a man who claims he is a divorcee. He has two young kids, 4 years and two years old each. We’ve been dating for about 8 months now and he is very good in bed nd gives me money each time he visits. But what baffles me is that he never lets me come close to his phone especially his pictures. Have tried to persuade him about thrice but he always turns me down. He stays in another state tho nd whenever he travels, he barely calls or texts me unless i call. Even when i call, our discussion doesn't exceed, “hw r u m fine convos'”. But if he comes to my own state where i stay, he will be all loving nd wants to make love. He has never taken me out on a date, we always meet in my house and then he gives me money nd leave afterwards. Any day i refuse se x, he either gives something small or nothing at all. He rarely even says he loves me or miss me. I just feel like a booty call to him but i just really like him. When i push words into his mouth atimes, he will say he cudnt call bcos he traveled to see his kids or that d so called ex wive brought them to visit him. He claims he doesnt sleep with d woman or anything that he just sends her money fr d kids upkeep but on more than two occasions, av found out she visits him at his place. Pls kindly post for me so i will knw people's thoughts on this. Does he really love me nd is there a chance he actully doesn't sleep with d woman so it wont be as if m dating a married man. Why does he never allow me close to his phone or pictures.  

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