Top Best State in Nigeria 2018 (Photos)

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What is the best state in Nigeria? Can anybody give an answer to this question being absolutely impartial? Only researchers can and they do know which state in Nigeria is the best by certain features and qualities. Below, you will find the answer to this question given with the consideration of different points of view.

Which is the most beautiful state in Nigeria named in 2018?

Those people who have never been to Nigeria don’t even imagine how diverse and rich the beauty of the country really is. Different climatic and geographic zones, big rivers and the ocean’s coast, the richness of plants ans animals make Nigeria a spectacular place from the point of view of the nature. However, there are man made factors that influence the beauty of the country, too, and now we will find out which state in Nigeria deserves the name of the most beautiful.


What is the beauty of a state? First of all, it’s the beauty of its nature that’s initial in everything. Then, it’s the beauty of all the human additions to the natural beauty of a place. Finally, it’s the beauty of the place – generous, warm, friendly and hospitable or quite the opposite.

Based on these criteria, visitors are able to give their opinion. Well, it’s quite an obvious decision that the most beautiful state in Nigeria is Lagos State. Why? It has everything to meet the mentioned criteria. It’s located on the Atlantic Ocean coast and this alone offers splendid scenery.

Even though many people are sure that Nigeria is quite a poor country, Lagos city is able to ruin this prejudice. This is a modern megalopolis with all the attractions of a big developed city and perfect views by day and night.

At the same time, being this modern, the city doesn’t lose its authentic spirit. Apart from museums, which conserve the life of the past as it used to be centuries ago, the everyday life of people in Lagos as it is is authentic, vibrant, and has the spirit of true Nigeria.

However, it’s not only beauty that makes the best state of Nigeria. Let’s see which states else have received names of the best in something in 2018.

Which is the most developed state in Nigeria named in 2018?

What do we mean by saying “the most developed state”? There’s also a range of criteria that determine the level of development of a certain state. For instance, we can take into consideration the IGR rate (Internally Generated Revenue), the number of literate people within the population of a certain state, the industrialization scale, unemployment, and many other different factors.

Judging by the mentioned criteria, we can say that the title of the most developed state in Nigeria belongs to… Lagos State. It was not unexpected, was it? According to recent data, Lagos State generates billions of naira for the country’s budget. The amount that comes from Lagos State alone is higher than the total amount of seven other states that follow it in the ranking. What’s more, the amount is growing year after year. The state is not stagnating and it’s awesome!

Actually, the factors that allow Lagos State to be so rich and developed belong to its industrial power. This is the most industrially powerful state with all the manufactures that are responsible for innovations, technologies, and everything new that comes into the country.

Lagos State is also the home of literacy in Nigeria. 96% of the population of Lagos knows how to read and write and has some basic knowledge. Some people may think that it’s not a big achievement. Still, there’s a couple of places to use just as a comparison. For instance, in Yobe State, only 7% of the population can be called literate. In Katsina State the number is still small – 10%.

From the point of view of higher education, Lagos is not the leader but it’s one of the 3 most educated states in the whole country. Probably, a huge number of workplaces and number of qualified specialists make the situation with employment and unemployment better in Lagos State than anywhere else in the country.

In addition to all the mentioned factors, Lagos State has a developed network of roads, health care services of high quality and entertainment. The homes of Lagos inhabitants are equipped with everything a person may need better than in other parts of the country.

Finally, there’s one more criterion that may determine the best state in Nigeria – its economy.

Which state is the richest state in Nigeria in 2018?

There are several richest states in Nigeria with the highest Gross Domestic Product. In 2018, the three leaders are Lagos State, Rivers State and Delta State. Among them, Lagos is the most populous and ha the highest commercial activities in the country. It’s never a surprise that the economic standards and the quality of living there are also the highest. The amount of GDP in Lagos State is about $33.679 billion.

Delta State provides a significant contribution into the country’s economy with the estimated $16.749 billion.

The richness of the state, however, is determined not only by the amount of money it provides to the budget of the country but also by per capita income (the entire GDP of the state divided by the number of its population). The higher the figure the richer the state and the better its inhabitants live. Again, the leader here is Lagos State and it’s no wonder at all.

The most populated state in Nigeria – what is it?

The most populated state in Nigeria is Lagos State with 21 million of inhabitants. The recent data gathered by UN shows that Lagos is not only the biggest city in Nigeria (judging by its population) but also the most populated megalopolis in the whole West Africa.

Judging by all the above mentioned facts, we can say that Lagos State is the Nigerian leader in many aspects, the highest standards of living, the best infrastructure, the biggest GDP, and so on. However, the question of the best state still remains because for many Nigerians there’s no place like home and no better state than their homeland.



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