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"there Is No Snake Vomiting Money For My Rich Landlord In His Room"

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My landlord is a man of 40years old, he’s currently confined to a wheel chair because of a fatal accident he had few months ago

Each time, I hear him groaning and mumbling in pain, he keeps saying “how can a full fleshed man like me be sitting like this all day”

I feel his pain but there’s nothing I or anyone could do to help his situation. He has to be there until the day his legs gets better, if ever it will.

He’s my landlord and he has other tenants who pays rent to him, he’s got shops and factories where people works for him.

Though he’s confined to a chair but no day passes without him putting on his gen, he doesn’t drink pure water but eva water. His families are not here in Nigeria.

The kids are all schooling abroad. I thought they would all come back home since their Dad is no longer capable of working but I didn’t see that happen

They are still there, school fees are still being paid, expenses are still met

How did this happen, maybe the man has a money tree inside his room or possibly he’s a Ritualist

Yes I think one snake is vomiting money for him inside his room

I hope you are thinking what I’m thinking ?

Oya clap for yaself.

Now listen
There’s no snake or money tree anywhere
The man just lived his youthful days intentionally, he didn’t leave his life to chance

He toiled with the days of his youths to acquire the wealth his currently enjoying today. Who knows at what age this man started hustling,

You think you are still too young to start, very soon you will be 30 and just maybe you will no longer have the ability to do it anymore.

If he had been a wantrepreneur maybe by now he would have been in the streets being pushed about by one of his kids and begging for alms

What is that thing you have been willing to do but thinks the time is not right yet, there’s no right time anywhere my friend. The right time is this very moment.

The only time you are sure of is this moment
Use it like its your last, make hay while the sun shines

Have it in mind that things changes and you need to prepare for this uncertainties.


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