Styling Tips for Your Next Networking Mixer

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Picking out what to wear to your next networking mixer could prove to be such a herculean task as it might be difficult to navigate through the copious fashion imperatives entailed. Here are a couple of tips to stay undaunted by the plethora of choices that might plague you at such a time.

Business or fun?

First off, any fashion choice to be made will stem from a careful consideration of the type of mixer. For instance, outfit choices for a garden party will be more relaxed than that for a more formal soiree, say a career fair where on-the-spot interviews are rather inevitable.

Smart is key!

Whether you’re dressing up for an evening of drinks with colleagues or you’re meeting with old university friends, always remember that smart never goes out of style. Pull out your most respectable pair of heels alongside a structured purse paired with a conservative dress or palazzo pants for a breezy look.

Print play

Mixing prints is an all-time favourite, however, mixing prints for a formal event should be done with a little more caution because not everyone appreciates a bold statement. Try working in a maximum of two different prints paired with complementary solid colours to take the edge off.

Black stays winning

Looking to play it safe? Look no further as black is as safe as it gets. Wearing an all-black ensemble never goes out of style as black oozes sophistication. Try pairing a nicely cut black top with a statement midi skirt or structured pants for that low-key slick look. You can wear this to a conference, a seminar or even a night out with new and old acquaintances.

A little bling

Less is more when it comes to accessorising for mixers so try not to overcompensate by wearing too much bling. For more formal events, always err on the conservative side when picking preferred accessories. A lovely pair of earrings alongside a sturdy pair of shoes in an attractive colour will do wonders for an outfit.

Finally, don’t forget to smile! This is so easily forgotten therefore remember that whatever the event, a nervous or angry outlook isn’t the best impression so keep your smile bright and your strut ever-confident.


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