Story Time : The Life I Didn’T Wish For (Episode 1)

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Whenever it’s this time of the year, I do not go out neither do I do anything, it’s all about my mom. My eyes are filled with pool of tears , it seems like the earth is crushing under my feet this time around. My heart filled with pains and regrets.

Its been years since I lost my precious mother to death. Things hasn’t been the same with me since the day I lost her to the cold hands of death, I keep thinking, ” what if she were to be alive,I could have done things differently with her support and guidance, my life would have taken a different route and be a bed roses.

I wouldn’t have been in this situation……. The role of a mother in the life of a child is very vital, especially the female child. How do I make up for all the lost time? How I wish my mother was alive.

I remember how mummy loved us, I and my kid brother. I was her favorite and she was my best friend. ( Haa…..IYAMI ABIYAMO TOOTO) “True mother”.

She would always warn me against bad company. I cried more as I remembered how I called her that unfortunate day.

“Mummy! Mummy!! Mummy!!! But she couldn’t answer me, she was dead already. I rolled back the years and I remembered everything in the past, how it all happened.

I was in my final year in secondary school. I just came back from school, I ran inside and I called Mother! Mother!! But no response…….Ooh! I murmured, where could she have gone ?

I am too excited to keep this news to myself, mother is the only one I share everything with. If I wait one more second I might explode out of anxiety.

Just when I was about shouting mother again, I heard her voice from the other end saying ” Sholape so you’re back?” . I ran into her arms and gave her a sweet hug. I replied “yes mummy” I’m back, she smiled.

Mummy guess what? I just got the form for the West African Examinations Council exams ( WAEC)……. “Oh! Oluwa seun. I know you will be good at it”, she said. “All you have to do is read and put the rest in the hands of God”.

“Thanks mom, I love you and will make you proud”.

I kept thinking of the exam and the edge it will give me, I said to myself that I have to really pass this exam. If I pass, it will give me the chance of furthering my education in any higher institution of my choice as it will propel me closer fulfilling my dreams.

I am a dreamer and I’m very ambitious. I study hard to be successful because of my mother. That woman has suffered a lot. I need to grow quickly, be what I want to be and take away my mother sufferings.

I am the first child of my mother and my only brother is six years old. My father has there wives to begin with, he keeps concubines too, now you get it that I am from a polygamous family.

You know how it is in a polygamous home, father rarely have time for the children, he’s too busy with women and other things I don’t know.

Every child is left in the care of his/her mother. The only thing he is responsible for is our school fees which he doesn’t pay as at when due.

He is not concerned about other things a child might need. He is never in the house and anytime he is around either one wife or a concubine calls for his attention. Only God knows if he has been charmed by women.

Back to my mother, She is the second wife of the three wives my father had. Mom is very beautiful in fact she’s the most beautiful among the wives and concubines. She is 5ft&6″ tall, very s exy, Just like cocacola bottle with that perfect figure 8 shape.

what about the buttocks? hmmm its something I’m praying to be like. Wait o how did mom even got married to my dad? I’m sure she had lots of suitors…….

Stay tuned for the next episode to know how they met and more about Iya sholape!!!

Author:- Teriba Neemah Anike (Anike’s Stories)


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