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See The Largest & Lowest Rice Producing States & Geopolitical Zones In Nigeria (Photo)

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For a long time, Nigerians have always been talking and discussing about the need to become food sufficient, especially in some of our most imported agricultural products such as Rice, Wheat, Sugar Etc.
So much Ado has been ado concerning the topic, but have you at anytime wondered which states are the top performance in terms of rice production? Nigeria is one of the largest Rice importing countries in the world.
Nigerians' appetite for rice means that the country imported nearly 17 million tonnes of it over the past five years. Duties for imported rice are currently at 60% and consumers have seen the price of a bag of rice double in the past 12 months.
According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), the country imported 2.3 million tonnes in 2016, about half of the country's estimated requirements.
The most recent nationwide covering data from all regions of the federation from the Nigerian Agric sector report shows that these are the top Rice producing states and regions in the country. According to the, 29 of the 36 states of the country engaged in the cultivation of Rice, with total cultivated areas amounting to 2,432.63 thousand Hectares of land, while n average of 4,472.52 metric tons of rice was produced by all the states.
Largest Rice Producing States: (in 000/metric Tons) 1- Kaduna State - 732.42 Metric Tons 2- Ogun State - 636.67 Metric Tons 3- Kano State - 422.05 Metric Tons 4- Taraba State - 401.99 Metric Tons 5- Benue State - 341.48 Metric Tons Largest Rice Producing Regions: 1- North West - 32% of Production 2- North East - 25% of Production 3- North Central - 17% of Production 4- South West - 16% of Production 5- South East - 9% of Production 6- South South - 1% of Production The Nigerian Agric sectr report:

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