Security: Nigerian service chiefs are analogue, deceptive – Expert insists on rejig, sack

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A security expert, Mr Jackson Ojo has declared that one of the factors militating against security of lives and property in Nigeria is poor technological know-how and lack of truth among the Service Chiefs.

He further said that the present heads of security agencies in Nigeria have exhausted every logical idea that could bring about significant and enviable results in the ongoing fight against insurgency, thereby, resulting to deception to protect their jobs at the detriment of innocent Nigerians.

He added that President Muhammadu Buhari erred for his failure and lack of sensitivity to discover the point in which the law of diminishing return started affecting the security chiefs and change them immediately for better performance.

He argued that the essence of governance anywhere in the world is to protect the lives and property of the citizenry, “both tangible and intangible assets “.

Ojo maintained that it is now expedient and urgent for President Buhari more than ever to quickly overhaul the whole security architecture of Nigeria and do the needful by injecting more vibrant and patriotic officers of digital exposure to head all the strata of the military, including police and other paramilitary organizations for optimal performance.

He said : Strictly speaking, the major responsibility of the President, as the Commander -in-chief of the Armed Forces is to appoint those he considered competent to man different categories of our military formations; he is not the one to lead them to the war front.

” Sincerely, the service chiefs started well, by dislodging Boko Haram militants from many Local Governments in the North East where they have already established caliphates and continued terrorizing the people with impunity.

“By my global security experience and network, coupled with the level I operate, I make bold to say that our security chiefs are analogue, they are bereft of modern strategies of confronting ideological war of this dimension.

“Meanwhile, the area I believe the president has failed is his inability to act promptly at the point he discovered the service chiefs have overstayed their tenure and became ineffective and abysmally performed to the peril of Nigerians.

” We are all witnesses to series of lies and deceptive information coming from the military authorities, saying they have decimated Boko Haram, they have killed Shekau, they have technicality defeated Boko Haram and all the rest.

“It is obvious that the service chiefs were just deceiving Nigerians and the system purposely to protect their jobs, and by system I mean the government”.

He emphasized the urgent need for the Federal Government to reset the security architecture of Nigeria and guarantee safer environment saying ” the simple analogy is this, when you give your car to a mechanic for repair, and he claimed to have done it but the car continued to develop fault severally, would you continue to deal with such person?.

Ojo also ascribed the slow pace of fight against insurgency and other criminal activities in the country to what he termed command and control in the military.

The security expert explained that by the structure of the military and other security agencies, it is practically difficult for junior officers to suggest new ideas which could be complementary and useful for better performance.

Speaking on the recent move by the governors of the South West geo-political zone to establish regional security outfit codenamed “Operation Amotekun”, Ojo said every arrangement that will ensure security of lives and property in the region is welcome and commendable.

” I believe in the concept of Amotekun, it means the people have lost confidence in government and it’s security arrangement and now resort to self help.

“You know security is all encompassing; without security there can never be economic development, social activities will be at its lowest ebb , likewise religion and other human engagements”.


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