SAD: Model Dies Saving Dog From Drowning In A Sea {See Photo}

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A Brazilian model was discovered dead after she hopped into the sea to spare her young doggies amidst a  fierce storm. Caroline Bittencourt's body was found close Cigarras Beach, in the northern locale of Sao Paulo, yesterday evening.

NNU gathered that the 37-year-old's husband Jorge Sestini announced her missing on Sunday after she fell from their boat.

However, in an urgent quest to discover her himself, Jorge swam through Ilhabela ocean for almost three hours, before he was rescued by authorities.

The couple had been cruising on a sailboat close to an island in Sao Paulo on Sunday.

Before the wind came heavily, reaching more than 100 kilometers for each hour (62 mph), she posted on her Instagram story, grinning and getting a charge out of time on their boat.

But, after the tempest came in, reports revealed that their boat turned, throwing their puppies off board.

Caroline went straight into the ocean attempting to save their dogs

Caroline's agent Andreia Boneti said her better half was in a “state of shock”,  Adding: "Jorge tried to save her.

He saw Carol drowning and wasn’t able to save her. It was a terrible moment for him.”

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