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Read The Different Between Love, Infatuation And Lust

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A lot of people in this world are confused, especially the singles concerning love. Some don’t know whether or not they are inlove. But today I want to set the difference clear.
A relationship is a connection or a close association between two or more people, based on solidarity, friendship or love.

There is a clear difference between love, lust and infatuation. When they are miscalculated, you might end up in the wrong soup.


Is a virtue of life which eradicate rudeness. It’s the greatest thing to have, share and receive from others. It is not just shown or felt by saying or announcing it; it’s something you do as well. A life of love is shown by words and actions not word and world.

One day, a certain lady said, ‘Prophet Eben, do you know why I love my fiance, he always tells me he loves me.’ and I asked her what shows he loves you? To my surprise, the lady said he tells me. The guy shows his love through words and so i warned the lady to be careful. Beloved, don’t be decived by words.

Sometimes I begin singles seminar with a little exercise by asking them questions; “Do you know what love is? Are you sure you are truly inlove? Most of them will smile and say Yes” and others will look so confused and naive because many people mistake infatuation and lust for love which is an error.

I will ask again, how many of you would like to have better relationships, enjoy your marriages and have beautiful families? And they will raise their hands with excitement, as high as they could.
A lot of people have wrong concept about love. Some people think love is all about s ex; others think that love is a feeling or a magical element. If you are unable to define what love is then the possibility of making serious mistakes with regards to your marriage is very high.

Love is not when you are completely carried away by the attractions of someone. This first time attraction is what I term infatuation. People who are in the state of infatuation are said to be charmed by the opposite s ex because they lose their concentration, paying less attention to the things around them.

Is an exciting emotional experience which does not last long. When people are caught in the Web of infatuation, they adore the person they think they are inlove with. To that person, everything the opposite s ex says and does seem perfect to them. Also, wrong attitudes and bad signals are ignored in relationships that are based on infatuation. Romance and s ex dominate this kind of relationship.

Lust is an uncontrollable craving or desire for something. For example, s ex, alcohol etc. Are you being controlled by your desire to have s ex with the opposite s ex? Or you are truly inlove?

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