"Why Do Young People Dance Like Mad Dogs In Club & Parties But Act Cool In Church?"

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"and David danced like a crazy man before God"
"and David was a man after God's heart"
"and David rolled on the bare floor with his royal robes just to worship God and people thought he was crazy"

These 3 verses from the bible summarizes how God intends for man to worship him.. You guessed right. Like a mad dog!
You'd be amazed how young people dance like mad dogs and channel all their young vibes to dancing Zanku (very energy draining dance not meant for people who haven't had a complete 3 square meal). I do too and it's fun..

But at church, when I begin to dance, people still look at me like "what is wrong with this guy? Is he on drugs? What makes him so happy?
I am not the most righteous but I have learnt to thank God in anyway I can by dancing ridiculously and with all my energy zapped and drained in his presence because it's my only way of saying thank you to him for all his mercies..

Sometimes, I am usually alone and sometimes, I am joined by Old people who appreciates what I am doing.
My fellow young people are either pressing phone, sitting down or gisting.. Some are even looking for the next prey to chyke in church..

Our idea of worship in this generation isn't good enough and we have to begin to take the bull by the Horn if we need to experience the goodness of God..

What can be done to correct this?
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