"Is It Still Possible For Girls To Keep Their Virginity Till Wedding Night?"

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So I was talking about this with a friend of mine(a guy by the way) and he was like it isn't possible at this age. I told him that I wanted to keep mine till I got married and he said there's no way I won't be tempted to do it before then.

Well, we argued about it and I was trying to tell him that it's very possible. He told me that I'll just end up being addicted to masturbation if I didn't 'release' my sexual tension.

We eventually stopped arguing and closed the topic but when I thought about it, I was actually wondering if it's possible or I'm just being naive.

I really want to keep my virginity till my wedding night but I myself don't even know if this is possible. Please ladies and gentlemen, I need your thoughts about this.

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