"I Need Advice On How To Deal With A Disrespectful Lady"

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Hello guys ,please I need an advice on how to deal with the above headlines .........so it is about my lady and I . We have been into a relationship for the past 6 months. Fast forward ;

I got to find out in the early part of our relationship that she use to have a long discussion on the phone with someone I do not know, each time I try to call her on phone. So I was forced to ask her if she has a man she's been friends with, she confessed to me that they have been dating for over 8 years and the relationships once hit the rocks due to the fact that the man refused to go see her parents.

So later in the month of January, she told me the man will be coming home to bury his mum along side her siblings. So the week she was to go meet the man in Lagos which was her usual practice each time he's coming home, we had a quarrel about her meeting with the man after she promised me it was over between them. So we ended up settling our differences and I agreed to let her go see the man.

Since over two weeks my lady has been with the man despite the man's wife threats to leave her husband alone. She is still with the man.

I want to know if such relationship is healthy for me . As I'm losing patient and focus to daily activities (She is stubborn and won't admit her fault)

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